Orange Oil

Cold Pressed Orange Oil (CPOO) is produced by cold expression of orange peels. In terms of quantity produced it ranks number one among citrus oils. Its main uses are in producing flavors for soft drinks, biscuits and other food products. It is also used in perfumes, agarbattis and cleaning chemicals.


The material available is of Brazilian origin. The standard packing is in 173 kg net weight drums. The smaller pack size is of 30 kg net wt in plastic carbouys.


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General Information

Main Costituents

The main chemical components of orange peel oil are a-pinene, sabinene, myrcene, D-limonene, linalool, citronellal, neral and geranial. D-limonene is responsible for the oil's tangy-fruity aroma and constitutes 90-95% of the total volume. The preferred total Aldehyde content for CPOO is min 1.2%.


In contrast to most essential oils, it is extracted as a by-product of orange juice production. It is composed of mostly (greater than 90%) d-limonene, and is often used in place of pure d-limonene. The yield from cold-pressing of orange peel is between 0.3-0.5 %. 


CAS Number: 8008-57-9

Appearance: Yellowish Orange Clear Liquid

Solubility: Slightly soluble in water


Note: The above specifications are average parameters and may vary according to country of origin or crop. Therefore final specifications may please be ascertained at the time of finalizing purchase.