Carvone is a monoterpene ketone which is naturally found in plants and seeds, both as the dextrorotatory (d-carvone) and the levorotatory (l-carvone) enantiomers. 

L-carvone is a chemical found majorly in Spearmint Oil and can be isolated from the same using fractional distillation. Commercially, it is synthesized from D-limonene. It is a perfume and flavour component with a refreshingly cool, minty odour (spearmint) and taste. 


We will be able to offer L-carvone of Indian origin for exports in standard packing sizes of 25 kg drums.


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General Information


The various reported uses of L-carvone are:

  • In toothpaste and chewing gums as a flavouring agent.
  • In shampoos, air fresheners, deodorants as a fragrant.
  • In aromatherapy and alternative (veterinary) medicine to facilitate breathing in new-borne animals.
  • As a mosquito repellant.
  • As a pesticide (sprout inhibitor).
  • In soaps and detergents to give a refreshing smell of spearmint.
  • As a flavouring agent in beverages, baked goods, candies, cheese, meat products, sauces.
  • As a flavouring agent in feed additives to improve the growth rate of weaned piglets.
  • As a laxative, in colic treatment, as a breath freshener, or to help digestion in young children.
  • It is authorized as plant growth regulator for post-harvest treatment of potatoes.



CAS Number: 6485-40-1

CIP ConventionR-(-)-carvone

Dexter/Laevus convention: l-carvone