D-Limonene belongs to a class of chemicals known as Terpenes. The D-Limonene offered by us is obtained from Oranges and is also marketed as Citrus Terpene or Orange Terpene. It is one of the most popular natural solvents with applications ranging from preparation of fragrances to 3-D printing. It is a major component of Cold Pressed Orange Oil. It is mainly obtained during folding process when Orange Oil is concentrated to get the orange flavour. It is a colourless liquid hydrocarbon and has attractive citrus aroma. 


We offer D-Limonene in standard packing sizes of 173 kg barrels as well as smaller packing sizes of 1kg,10 kg etc. With D-Limonene content min 94%.


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General Information

The various reported uses of D-Limonene are:-

  • In chemical formulations for Paper Industry
  • In the preparation of solvent to remove all types of root canal filling materials especially Gutta Percha
  • As a degreaser to remove oil from machine parts
  • As a paint stripper
  • As a renewable solvent in cleansing chemicals
  • As a fragrance material in cosmetics
  • As a flavouring agent
  • For dissolving HIPS mainly when used as a support material
  • As a pre-spotting agent in laundry and dry cleaning

It is 100% natural and environment friendly and is generally recognized as safe by FDA.

Main Imported Brands:

  • Louis Dreyfus
  • Cutrale

The standard packing of above brands is 173 kg net wt barrels.