Status Holder Incentive Scrip (SHIS) is a duty credit scrip that, as the title suggests, is issued to status holders and can be transferred only among status holders. The utilization and issue are subject to the conditions of the Foreign Trade Policy.

The primary objective of this scheme is to incentivize upgradation of technology in sectors specified in the FTP and it can be utilized for payment of customs duty for import of capital goods or excise duty towards indigenous procurement of capital goods.

The transfer of the SHIS can be done only through the offices of The DGFT that issued it.

We invite your enquiries for purchase or sale of SHIS Scrips in terms of the FTP.

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Some features of the scheme are :-

  • Up to 10% of the value of these scrips can be utilized for import of spares or components of the prior imported capital goods.
  • Utilization is subject to actual users condition and can only be utilized by manufacturer status holder
  • This duty credit scrip is granted up to 1% of FOB value of exports made during the period 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13. It was discontinued for the later period.
  • Customs side notification 104/2009-Cus of 14th Sep 2009 as amended
  • Excise side notification 33/2012 CE of 9th Jul 2012

Disclaimer: This webpage has been set up with the purpose of making our services known. It offers only cursory details about the scheme. The visitor to this site is advised to refer to all the related provisions of the FTP and relevant rules and regulations before drawing any inference.

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