RoDTEP is duty credit provided in the form of a transferable  eScrip. It is granted to exporters in lieu of duties, taxes or levies chargeable on any material used in the manufacture/processing of goods that are exported or for carrying out any operation on such goods, where such duties/taxes/levies are otherwise not refunded, exepmted or remitted.The scheme has been announced under the provisions of FTP and implemented by Department of Revenue

The RoDTEP eScrip or duty credit can be transferred between two IEC Code holders on ICEGATE platform. At present this kind of transfer or sale is treated as NIL rated supply under GST.

The RoDTEP duty credit scrip can be used for payment of basic custom dutiy leviable on imported goods in India.

 We buy and sell such duty credit scrips as well as offer assistance in generating them.

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Other important points about the scheme: 

  • The scheme is effective for exports from 01.01.2021
  • Duty credit allowed under RoDTEP scheme is subject to realisation of sale proceeds within the period allowed by RBI. Otherwise the credit is liable to be reversed.
  • Validity is 12 months from date of generation in the ledger and any duty credit in a particular eScrip remaining unutilised at the end of this period will lapse.
  • RoDTEP is issued a a percentage of FOB value of the eligible export product along with value caps for certain HS Codes or its specific value as detailed in Appendix 4R of The FTP.
  • Transfer of part amount is not permitted



The objective of this page is mainly to make our services known. It provides only cursory details on the scheme and other legal provisions. For complete details about the scheme visitor is requested to refer to the FTP and the Handbook of Import and Export Procedures and all other relevant laws, rules and regulations before drawing any conclusion.

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