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MEIS scrip is awarded under the Merchandise Exports from India Scheme under the provisions of the Foreign Trade Policy for the period 2015-20, to the eligible exporters. The scheme has been now discontinued as it was found incompatible with the provisions of WTO. MEIS can be claimed for exports made untill 31.12.2020. It has been replaced by a new scheme known as RoDTEP for exports made after 01.01.2021 

The objective of this scheme was to encourage export of notified products and merchandise from India.

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In brief

Simply explained, "Duty Credit Scrips" are documents used as currency for purposes specified by the government.

The MEIS Scrip is also such a freely transferable duty credit scrip and so are the goods imported or domestically procured against this scrip. It is granted against exports of products specified in Appendix 3B of The FTP at rates mentioned and conditioned specified therein. The validity of MEIS Scrips is 12/24 months from the date of issue, depending upon the date issued.

It is similar to other duty credit scrips like SEIS, FPS, FMS or VKGUY in operation.

The MEIS Duty Credit Scrips can be used for payment of Basic Custom Duty, Safeguard Duty, Transitional Product Specific Safeguard Duty, and Antidumping Duty, for Items covered under GST.

For items not covered under the GST (specified in Fourth Schedule to Central Excise Act 1944 covering specified petroleum products, tobacco etc.), in addition to the Basic Custom Duty, Safeguard Duty, Transitional Product Specific Safeguard Duty and Antidumping Duty, scrips can also be used for payment of duties like central excise, CVD/ SAD.

The scrips cannot be used for payment of any type of GST.


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Important Note: This webpage provides only cursory details on the scheme and other provisions. For complete details on the scheme visitor is requested to refer to the FTP and the Handbook of Import and Export Procedures and all other relevant laws, rules and regulations before drawing any reference.

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